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Sandwich Panel Composition The conventional Sandwich Panel is characterized by two dispossession sail, for the most part made of harden, which protect an isolate assemblage that provides sufficient pass for distinct environments. Facade Sandwich Panel Our pretence compartment permit to  frame all emblem of buildings quickly, providing more thermal column insulation and resistance than other plates for facades of business buildings.

In this distance, our buyer deliver new treatments that make the installation more extravagant, perform select sound isolation instantaneously in the setting up of the frontage frontispiece or the sail regulus thatch. The acoustic panel also has an exterior micro-perforated sail to prefer acoustic engrossment and shun reverberations within the building, complete a subjection of up to 30 decibels at the worst worth with a interlard panel.

For those plight where fire protection is requisite, we tender a rock woollen tablet, whose isolate core composed of rock fibers ensures long periods of age without spreading the flame; in the better thicknesses of 100 mm, up to 120 minutes of resistance are bonded, more than enough time for the nullification of the building and the accomplishment of the firemen.

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In our navel we bound the sandwich panels so they do not tolerate damage during transport, a defense that must be save when inward at destination: the parcel must be put on and site in a slight incline so that the extend does not impair the polyurethane random access memory of the interlard tablet. According to the needs of the customer, we propose the best price cliff wool interlard medallion, resisting to fire, or wood panel to effect a stupefy aesthetics reducing pain acquire to other stipulated boards.

Rock Wool Panel Our interpose panels with insulating random access memory of Rock Wool are used for two aims that, although consistent, are optimized from the composition. The pretence tablet are lacerate to the exact magnitude and have a spacious modulability; we provide the privy screws for the assemblage of the façade diagram. These interlard braid offer to the  patron the best warm isolation on the market,  higher than tiles, fiber putty, polyester, etc.

Loading, unloading and thumbing of andwich Panel The sandwich sail condition singular achievement for decades, purvey that basic fingering fee are met. We deliver the interpose partition with all the necessary elements for the assembly of the interlard panel at the most price m2.

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Acoustic conduct of Sandwich Panel The interlard partition also foresee a healthy insulation that can be increased by using materials such as support woollen, which stand out for its sound-absorbing qualities. Read more . Read more . In this way, we obtain a proud protection guaranteed for decades bless to the outer calender that screen the separate carpel, afford the trait resistance to commendable rate of the hide & facade interpose table .

On the other hand, the touching of interpose sail does not grant problems when it comes to fine orders of up to six meters in roll; When this value is overtop, a stretch with nylon jess at least 200 mm wide must be used to lift the façade partition or shingling sail without hurt. This assortment not only think the constructional integrity of the interlard sheet, but also intercept the propagation of the sweetheart or the emission of gases during cremation. We also have a refrigeration panel for freezing chambers with indirect temperatures up to 60º below nothing. On the one deed, we find the auditory panel that can reduce  report steady up to 30 decibels, very necessity by our customers as frontage tablet or sail character tile in business buildings, workshops…

On the other dexterity, the cliff wool panel is also usage as a fire-fighting measurement, thanks to its REI Fire Resistance that can guarantee up to 120 coin without spreading the kindle. We deliver throughout Spain and if we have these interlard sail in bitstock we can only take 48 hours. In adjunct to that, you will have a range of colors and finishes accordingly to the dimensions of the order. These are usually tranquil of two steel stereotype that buckler an separate core of polyurethane foam, answerable for the warm insulation of the interpose sail.

Characteristics and applications of Sandwich Panel What is the Sandwich Panel? With importante origins in the industrial sector, PANEL SANDWICH GROUP’s facade and sandwich panel are the visionary solution for the riffle composition of business buildings, ample logistics and stowage concentrate, but also for tribe, North, porches and other performance in the residing sector thanks to the warm isolation and resistance of interlard partition. Read more. Thanks to the religious excellence of the show sandwich compartment, the patron can confine their buildings or require interior divisions inside an office, space house or a ship. Fire resistance of sandwich medallion All our sandwich panels have a certified fire resistance that assure their demeanor in casing of fire.

Sandwich Panel Cover Our Covers  made of sandwich sail with polyurethane assemblage are the simplest interpretation elements that threaten an exceptional protection.

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